P.M. Relocations believes in the Joy of Giving

PM Relocations is a dominant player in the move management and relocation services industry. Its success can be traced back right from early 80’s over 30 years ago when a solid foundation with a commitment to excellence was built by employing an unusual blend of traditional and entrepreneurial spirit the company has shaped itself into one of the worlds most admired move management specialist.

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Business India Features CEO, Aakanksha Bhargava's Journey

Business India

The  30-year-old  Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO, P.M. Relocations Pvt Ltd (p m r), is  the  live  wire  behind  the  company’s  progress. p m rwas started in 1986  by  her  father Rajeev  Bhargava, 60,  who  is  the MD  of  the  company. “Though young, she was always fascinated with the business and the way we worked for people,” says Bhargava senior.  “I have  been seeing  her  putting in 16-17 hours at work.

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Investors India Magazine by Bajaj Capital


We at Investors India, had the privilege of interviewing the only Indian woman entrepreneur who actually personifies a success story. Here, you will learn how a woman at just an age of 21, stepped ahead, to make a difference in her adopted venture by championing the idea of Relocation, which was at that time completely unknown to the people of India and was considered as an “unorganized sector” and would one day be recognized as the Best Woman Leader.

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Perfecting the Fine Art of Relocation


One of the little understood areas of logistic is re-location services – the assistance provided to an individual to move from one location to the other. in India relocation is a simple process – call your friendly neighborhood trucker and pray for the best. In this issue of LSP focus, Girish V S, the editor of SCM Pro speaks to Aakanksha Bhargava, Chairman and CEO of P.M. Relocations Pvt Ltd. on Relocation services.

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How next-gen women entrepreneurs are scaling up traditional businesses

dffI think from my heart, and my father with his head,” says Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of Gurgaon-based packers and movers company PM Relocations. Started in 1986 by her father Rajeev Bhargava, the relocation company was crawling at a snail’s pace when Aakanksha joined the family business in 2007: from Rs 30 lakh

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Coverage With Yo Success!


” I am not telling you it is going to be easy, I am telling you it’s going to be worth it.” Aakanksha Bhargava in conversation with the team of Yo Success!

Aakanksha Bhargava did her MBA from SP Jain school of Management in Marketing. Previously, she did her B. com from Hindu college and schooling from Tagore International School,Delhi. She has also been certified with a degree in GMS and diploma at the FIDI Academy in 2007.

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Meet The Sheroes- Aakanksha Bhargava of PM Relocations


Aakanksha Bhargava is the CEO and President of PM relocations. A passionate entrepreneur and a homemaker, she shares with us her journey……..

Its important to have goals , desires and ambitions , however challenging they seem to be ….And you gotta enjoy the ride to these . Sometimes on that learning curve we explore ourselves and what we can achieve . It is important to dream and keep yourself always engaged into something that you enjoy and feel passionate about . There is no formula and no set route to success …just listen to the heart …Sometimes the right ways and answers are found there …”

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Journey of Entrepreneurship is a Thrilling Adventure


Aakanksha Bhargava was born in Kolkata, but her family moved to Delhi in 1992. “Growing up in Delhi has been a rewarding experience. This is where I embraced independent thinking, made friends, got acquainted with the mighty, met my mentors, married my childhood friend, Sumit Bawa, and learned to live, love, weave my dreams and work towards them.

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